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Take a photo at "Domino's Pizza" and get 2 medium classic pizzas for FREE

From 19.04.2016 until 30.04.2016 share photo with the hashtag #gencOL#dominos, which will show that you have benefited from discount at Domino's Pizza (


  • In the competition can participate only GencOL subscribers (the subscribers of other tariffs can't participate in the contest)
  • The photo, that receives the most likes will be the winner
  • Each person can send only one photo during the competition


  • If you want to participate at the contest you must take a photo in the branches of the restaurant “Domino's Pizza” or during the delivery of pizzas.
  • There is no need to be a participant's face in the photo
  • The main condition of competition, that in the photo should be shown that you benefit from GencOL discount

Take a photo at
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