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Are you ready for GəncOl? Can not imagine your life without Internet ? Join Gənc OL tariff as well as other young people !
  • 200 minutes for calls among GəncOL subscribers

  • Local calls - 5 qepiks

  • 200 On-net SMS

  • 400 minutes for calls among GəncOL subscribers

  • Local calls - 5 qepiks

  • 400 On-net SMS

  • More than 100 GəncOl discounts
  • All of these free, but also very convenient
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The tariff is available for SimSim subscribers

To check the balance Gənc OL subscribers can call or send SMS to ‘’2112’’short number ( 0.02 AZN )

The monthly pack is valid for 30 days. Unused minutes, SMS and Internet traffic cannot be used next month.

GencOL packages are renewed every 30 days

Gencol tariff can also be activated by entering the following code on the phone screen:
*750*4*1#YES – GencOL 5
*750*4*2#YES – GencOL 8

When switched to another tariff the remaining Internet traffic, call minutes and SMS are annulled

Per each sent inquiry to 7575, 0.01 AZN will be deducted from your balance.

To join the tariff a subscriber needs to deactivate the existing Internet packs.

Tariffs of the package: 1 MB = 0.10 AZN, calls among GəncOL : 1 min. = 0.02 AZN, 1 SMS = 0.05 AZN, local calls:1 min. - 0.05 AZN

Users coming with new number also can use their 3 manat bonus for Genc ol

For using your bonuses you must deactivate all your current internet tariffs.

Charging interval for call is 1 minute.

To join to the Genc ol tariff can use the donative balance of new numbers

If the subscriber's balance does not have sufficient monthly subscription fee next month (and there are insufficient funds for ordering a non-recurring internet package), the service fee will be calculated due to Genc OL tariff, internet usage fee will be 1MB = 10 kopecks.

If "My pack" is active on your number, you will not be able to connect to GəncOL Tariff

To check the balance, send an empty SMS to the number 2112. The price of the service is 0.02 AZN.You can also check the balance for free by using USSD: Dial * 111 * 1 * 7 # yes on the phone screen.

If your internet is over, now you can easily update the same GencOL package without waiting for the end of the month.

How? Simply enter G5 or G8 and send it to 7575 and continue to enjoy the benefits of GenOl 2GB = 5AZN or 4GB = 8AZN.

In case of ending of 2GB of Internet traffic before 30 days, you can update the package by sending G5 to 7575.
In the case of ending 4GB of Internet traffic before 30 days, you can update the package by sending G8 to 7575.


During the update, all remaining minutes on the balance and SMS messages will be deactivated.

If call minutes or SMS in the GencOl package will be used before the 30-day period, but the amount of Internet traffic remains, you will not be able to update the package.

After switching from any other tariff to G5 or G8, you will be able to update your package only after 24 hours.

Gənc Ol abunəçiləri həmçinin xüsusi Aylıq yenilənən İnternet paketləri ala bilərlər. Bunun ücün 2525-ə müvafiq açar sözünü göndərməlidirlər:

Allocated data Keyword Price
60 MB 60 1 AZN
500 MB 500 3 AZN
1 GB 1 5 AZN
5 GB 5 10 AZN
10 GB 10 15 AZN
50GB L 30 AZN

During the usage of Internet traffic the preference is given to Monthly Internet packages.

On completion of the volume of monthly internet package which ordered after the Internet provided within the package is over, the subscriber will be directed to the use of inbound Internet traffic. If the inbound Internet volume is over, the subscriber will be directed again to the relevant web-page for ordering Monthly Internet package.

It is possible to use several packages simultaneously.

The last ordered Internet package gets automatically renewed in the balance.

As of 03.04.2019, in case of existence of the Internet traffic in the balance, it is possible to order the package with bigger Internet volume.

In case of existence of the Internet traffic in the balance, it is required to use at least 95% of available traffic in the current package when ordering less volume Internet traffic.

The code will be immediately sent after registration on portal.

The codes in and portals are the same. In the case of changing the code of, the code of will be changed at the same time. It is impossible to reach Genc.ol portal with new code when the profile located in is deleted.

New number users only be able to use site after 24 hours.

Limit to enter code wrongly is 3 times per diem. Block will be moving on 24 hours.

Subscribers can request only once a day to reach to the portal. Second try will be consider after 24 hours. To join to the tariff can be slated for alternatively.

“Subscriber of the week” will be elected on the basis of criteria of actively using portal

To use the campaign send the word "kod" on 7070 and receive a discount code

7 Usage fee of 7070 is -0.01 AZN

Please provide the discount code to cashier.

To take of advantage of the discounts please announce being in the tariff of Gencol.

A code can’t be used twice. In this case subscriber have to get a new code.

Subcribers able to use Genc OL code in a discount place only once a day

Daily limit for discount usage is 5 times per diem.

Received discount code can be used in all of the sale points.

Discount code can be obtained by the portal as well. Subcribers of Gencol can get discount cod only after log in.

If a code is not used it is imposible to use a new code and subscribes will receive the same code

To join GəncOL loyalty program please send your application to


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