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Bahruz Babayev: to study in England is not easy

Bahruz Babayev is the chairman of the Azerbaijani-British Alumni Association (Azerbaijan - UK Alumni association - AUKAA)

Bakhruz, what work has been done during your presidency of the AUKAA?

- As you know, last year, on the 20th anniversary of the "Contract of the Century" British Alumni Association (AUKAA) in cooperation with «BP Azerbaijan» organized a career forum for students and graduates. In February this year we have organized a forum dedicated to the Karabakh problem in London.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the organization, and we will celebrate its anniversary by organizing a festive event.

Of course, our goal is to invite more graduates to the organization

Our members have also worked in the organizing the first European games committee held this year. In general, compared to other associations of graduates in the country, AUKAA - an organization that has its tradition, and at a time when some organizations have suspended their activities, we were able to protect their organization.

This in itself is not a bad result. At the same time, we had two major events among graduates of «AUKAA Networking Event». Our work is obvious.

It is also obvious interest shown in recent years in education system of England.

- Right. But I think that, because of the manat against the British pound sterling this year there will be a reduction in the number of students studying in England. According to my data, priority within the public education program will be given to Master's and Doctoral programs.

England - expensive country, and for education and stay in it requires a fairly large amount of funds. Long-term education in this country is a real possibility for the average Azeri family.

Bakhruz, we know that you are currently engaged in training also.

- Yes, I teach at Azerbaijan State Economic University on the program MBA.

What specialty have been studied in England?

- I got a master's degree in international economics, development and security in the University of Bristol.

Prior to the formation in England, I graduated from the Faculty of Regional Studies of Western University. As you know, Azerbaijan show an ambiguous attitude towards education at a private university, and so I wanted to get a master's degree in one of the state universities.

I entered the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA University). I was planning to enter the university without the help of teachers, and was admitted to the university. And for the master's exam I was not ready, but the result was very good.

I studied and worked in parallel in the Azerbaijani representation of the German Association of Public Universities. I lived in Baku alone, and, of course, I needed the money to live and study.

I worked when I studied at the University of the West, and never encountered any problems. Academic Staff understood very well and made no problem. I watched the practice and the period of study abroad - to the students who have worked with a special attitude and respect.

But in the period of study in graduate programs in Baku, I felt the opposite. So, a year after learning the ADA, I was expelled from the university. The further course of events in my life proved that it was not the right decision.

You expelled from the University of ADA and you get your master's degree in England?

- After expulsion from the university ADA I thought that I was not able to obtain a master's degree, and this phase is over for me. I changed the place of work and, to be honest, my job was very interesting. Then, under the leadership program "Open World" of the US Congress, I have been in the US capital - Washington and I regained motivation.

In 2006, our friend Ramiz Babayev went to study in England. It stimulated me, I became interested and I realized that to go abroad to study is not so difficult.

On examination IELTS unlike others I went unprepared, and the results were better than I expected. I sent the documents to the University of Bristol and got a positive response. Thus, I was able to get an education in England.

As you have accumulated the necessary funds to study abroad?

- At first, I planned to take advantage of the state program. Despite the fact that I could not get funding for this program for the formation of a doctorate, but I must admit that at that time under the state program to do it harder. So I will not address. Fidelity to this step, showed life.

In March 2011, it began a set of applications for the Chevening scholarship the UK government, and I turned back. I also appealed to the US government program. So I turned in several places, that though in one place to get a positive response. It turned out that out of 85 people were selected only 2, among whom was me.

The British government has funded my master education, and I have successfully got an education there. All these events have remained in my memory as a successful period. You deduct from the local university, but instead take more rating institution abroad and you are ending it.

Note that the University of Bristol many influential academics considered the 30 universities in the world. After finishing my only dream was that the University of the ADA, as well as University of Bristol, took place in the list of the best universities.

I believe that people who want to succeed, do not have to live in the past. But they have to draw conclusions from the mistakes made by them.

What are your plans for the future?

- I'm planning to go abroad for PhD. As my appeal to the state program was not appreciated, I plan to continue academic activities.

With the support of the members of AUKAA we have created a service called «Azerbaijan and UK Education Consulting» (AUKEC).

We have plans on leadership at affordable prices, organizational behavior, the discovery of high-quality language courses and other similar plans. It's kind of a business project from AUKAA.

What difficulties have you faced since returning to the country?

- You know, students who have studied abroad and returned back, divided into 2 categories - young and inexperienced, and the middle-aged and experienced. People belonging to the second category, are back with great motivation, want to work. But after a while they realize that they are no longer in England. In truth, both in England to do something difficult, because everything is already organized.

But in Azerbaijan can be done. There are opportunities, just a competitive environment is not very fair. People who want to do business, must go through a complex process. All of this is bad for development. But falling oil prices and the recent developments in our country gives hope for the development of business.

I must admit that in hard times you can succeed. Do not waste time and blame society. I have a fellow students in England, who put little effort. In order to be successful we must work hard. Since 2005 I work worked in many organizations.

It also happened that my joining the company coincides with the period of the crisis. In one of the German company, in which I worked, we were able to attract 1 million in the budget. The budget is another company whose name I do not want to call it, I was able to attract a large number of funds. But at the same time, I never earned a lot of money, since the foreground is my professionalism.

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