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Narmin Rahimli: "Success - is a little achievement on the way to succeed a big goal"

Narmin Rahimli is a member of the Azerbaijan-British Alumni Association (Azerbaijan - UK Alumni association - AUKAA).

In what area you received a master's degree?

- I graduated from the Faculty of Law in our country. And in England, I received a master's degree in public policy and public administration. Now, comparing the work done by me, I see that the familiarity with the scientific aspect of the observed processes changed my emotional approach to the process.

I mean the ability to think of alternative ways to address each issue. For example, you want to perform useful work, and chose some direction. If this path is not useful, then you should start thinking about what you can do more.

One come to the conclusion that you have received education abroad only in order to be more useful as a public figure...

- You know, if you have formed a system of values, education in more developed countries opens up new dimensions of perception, creates a rich world, life in an open society fruitfully affects the brain. It gives me bigger ideas.

However, after my return, like many, I have a feeling of uncertainty. First, there is a desire to pursue a career in the business sector. But then you remember what you are getting education abroad...

But the period of adjustment is over. I am currently engaged in issues of registration of the Youth Movement "positive changes."

 Do you have any new projects or ideas?

- When I was in England, the group receiving education abroad of Azerbaijani youth has created an independent analytical center "Socio-political institution," which was aimed at a more efficient use of human capital in our country.

Currently, this center is working on the project "Competition for Social Innovation", which is dedicated to the development in the post-oil period. I also try to contribute to this project.

Also, I would love to share my knowledge obtained from our youth. Therefore, immediately after nostrification of the diploma I plan to apply to our universities to teach.

I also do translations of popular articles on my specialty. I believe that these articles could be the original source of information for our students. Actually, I always thought that if your education does not benefit anyone, it's just a waste of time.

Also in the future I plan to get a practical education in America.

In the end I would like to ask you, our traditional question. What does success mean for you?

- For me, success - is a little achievement on the way to succeed a big goal. From the first days the students and to this day one of my main goals was to benefit society, people. Also, parallel I was engaged in self-development. And then I will also use the opportunity came to me to achieve these goals.

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