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Elchin Askerov: “Do not try to think like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and repeat their steps.”

Elchin Askerov: Do not try to think like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and repeat their steps.”


We present an interview with the founder of the mobile application "Onbranch" Elchin Askerov, who won the "Startup of the Year" award:

Mr Elchin, what is the difference between the mobile application "Onbranch" and others?

Currently we are creating a virtual projection of space services. Speaking more clearly, we created Virtual MALL. There are both people and services in our application. “Onbranch” also offers a variety of sites, three-dimensional tanks, online sales, discounts and more. Users in the same space can be familiar with each other and have unique functions, such as sharing a common group, sharing photos in this space.

Where did you get your education and how did your education influence the development of your project?

I graduated from the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction. Then I did an internship in Florence and Cardiff. After returning back I participated in some state architectural projects. I spent my revenue from these projects on the “Onbranch” project.

When and how was the idea of ​​creating a mobile Onbranch application created, who was your support?

In 2015, I was travelling by train from London to Cambridge to attend the party. While my journey I saw a pretty girl. She was sitting opposite to me. I decided that, when we reach Cambridge, I'll talk to her. She went to Foxston Station and I followed her. The girl turned and smiled at me. At that time the driver announced that the train was already moving away. Unfortunately, my phone and other items were on the train. It had to return back. I was upset, because I could not say any word. After this case, I realized that we need to create an application that will help simplify the process of dating. We are constantly losing people around us. Technology should help us. So, me and my team decided to study ways of solving this problem, and as a result, “Onbranch” appeared. My family and friends were my moral support, and my personal income was financial support.

How long have you been working on this project?

We have been working on this project for about 3 years.

Which innovations will your project bring to the world market?

Imagine that you are traveling, When people travel they exchange photos and share them. You share information with your friends, not with local people. But our application will help you to get in touch with people around you, make friends and take advantage of the facilities of virtual world. In fact, this is a global project. Initially, we planned to expand the project as a business model.

Elchin, you received the "Best Start-up of the Year" award, what are your next steps? What steps do you plan to take in the world market?

We planned to expand our project as a business model, after the completion of the project in Azerbaijan. We took the first steps to implement the project in Georgia and Turkey. Taking part in foreign competitions, we will create cooperation with global networks of restaurants and brands.

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