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The truth about caffeine that we know wrong

Despite awareness of caffeine consumption, observations show that there are still people who do not trust caffeine, and there are also people who are in tough position with caffeine-contained energy drinks.

Caffeine strengthens memories

Studies conducted in 2001 show that caffeine products, especially energy drinks consumption, have a profound effect on the brain and ultimately improve memory, reducing the duration of human response to events.

Caffeine improves learning

Caffeine has a positive effect on the brain in different aspects. Thanks to caffeine, we can better focus our attention on events, also our memory is improving because our reaction time to the events is reduced.

It is possible to use caffeine-contained foods and drinks at noon.

Some people refuse to eat and drink caffeine at noon. Due to the beneficial effects of caffeine, they fear that they will have insomnia problem at night. Scientific studies have shown that approximately 4-5 hours after caffeine is absorbed by the body, half of the caffeine is lost. Therefore, the effects of caffeinated foods and drinks that we get at noon are lost until night.

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