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“Joker” on screens

“Joker” was released on August 31. From the first day it attracted great attention from the box office.

Joker in DC Comics is one of Batman's greatest enemies. The film, which talks about Joker's youth, has been highly sought by critics.

The Joker movie focuses on the life of the comedian Arthur Fleck. Arthur is a man who has been marginalized by society and has nothing to lose. During the day, Arthur wears a clown mask to make money, and at night he has to wear a mask that will never go away. Arthur, who grew up without a father, calls his mother his best friend. She calls him “Happy”.

This nickname helps him to hide the pain inside. But the violence it causes him to become an increasingly uncontrolled man. Arthur finds himself in crime and chaos in Gotham City.  Arthur loses his identity and becomes a Joker.

Joaquin Phoenix, who played the wild character, lost 23 kg for the role. The 44-year-old actor, Joaquin Phoenix, agreed to lose 23 kg at the request of director Todd Phillips, who thinks Arthur Fleck's image is "really lean." Losing weight under the guidance of a physician, Phoenix said that although he struggled with losing weight, he felt better than expected.



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