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TestDaF exam

The German universities are famous for relevant education fee and progressive history. Studying in one of German universities as a successful factor has a positive influence on one’s career. However, in order to study in German university you are required to take exam that proves your German language skills. TestDaF is one of the most widespread exams in this sphere.  

What is TestDAF?

TestDaF is an exam provided to the citizens of foreign countries to study in Germany. This exam tests their German language knowledge. Like other exams, this one also consists of 4 parts: reading, listening, writing and speaking.  This exam is held 6 times a year at the appointed examination centers. The original versions of the tests were approved by German Academic Exchange Service, namely DAAD in 1998-2000. The results of the exam are assessed according to this scale: TDN3 (satisfactory, is equivalent to B2 according to European standards), TDN4 (intermediate level between B2 and C1) or   TDN5 (advanced, is considered to be equal to C1 or higher level). TDN4 is acceptable level for most universities. But there are exceptions as well. If you wish to get medical education at German universities, you should definitely have TDN5 upon each section. However, the universities also accept TDN3 upon some sections. You can get aware of required TestDaf level from the website of the university you apply to.

How is the exam conducted?

TestDaF is an exam that lasts 3 hours, 10 minutes. Reading lasts 60 minutes.  You have to read the texts of various complexities in three levels and answer the questions.  The first one might be a public article from any newspaper. The questions of the second text consist of multiple choice tests. The most difficult text is the third one. The questions of this text will be in the form of ‘’Right’’, ‘’Wrong’’ or ‘’Not given in the text’’.

The second part of the exam is “Listening” that lasts 40 minutes. The first part might be related to university life, the second to the interview with a professional specialist about any field of study and the third to scientific reports. The first and second parts of listening are played only one time, the third part is done two times. Therefore, you should rapidly make notes on the main idea. 

The third part of the exam is “Writing” that lasts 65 minutes. The candidates are required to describe any graph in written form within 20 minutes. The second part is about writing an essay on any free topic. A logical order, a structure, an accuracy and correct grammar usage  are very important. These factors affect your results.

The fourth part of the exam is “Speaking”. You have to speak about 7 topics within 30 minutes. During the first part you can speak as a person who called to get registered into a student chorus. Then you can talk about the German Migration Policy. There is a high possibility to come across with such topics in “Speaking” section. Do not speak to a teacher or a person sitting next to you, you ought to speak only through microphone so that your voice could be heard clearly. This factor is also necessary for general preparation stage. If you make notes beforehand, you will easily be able to talk and build your thoughts systematically.  

How to register for the exam?

You can register online for TestDaF exam. It is possible to fill out the application form and pay the exam fee with a credit card online.  Once your registration is confirmed, you should print out this document, sign and bring it to the exam with you. The registration starts 8 weeks prior to the exam and ends 4 weeks prior to the exam date.  As the number of students who want to study in Germany increases year by year, accordingly, the number of those who wish to get registered rise, too. You can get information about the exam results on the official web site of TestDaf, in ‘’My account’’ section. Moreover, the certificate about the exam result will be submitted to the exam center.

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