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The most interesting facts about education

  • The majority of people think of educational institutions like Cambridge and Sorbonne Universities as the most ancient educational centers in the world. However, it is not true.  The oldest educational institution is the Muslim University of al-Qarawiyyin. It was founded in 859 BC in Fes, Morocco.   

  • Where do you think a school with the most number of students is situated? If your answer is India, then you are right.  27911 children were involved in the Lucanuda Montessori School in 2003.

  • To get a Phd degree (Doctor of Philosophical Sciences) is not an easy job, especially at the age of 90. However, Elizabeth Eichenbaum from the USA managed to do it. Along with that, she was awarded with a title of the oldest Doctor of Sciences.

  • Robert Cronin from England entered the University of Priston at the age of 52 to study Biology and graduated from that university only at the age of 72. When he entered the university to earn the title of the oldest graduate of that educational institution didn’t even cross his mind.

  • In Cherokee County the graduates of 1929 organized a get-together each year during 74 years. Last time out of 30 people only 9 survivors could come to the social meeting. 

  • The longest lesson lasted in Laidlaw High School, Australia from April, 15th to 17th in 2003. Professor Mary Barrows read a lecture on biology during 54 consecutive hours in the auditorium consisting of 26 students. 

  • In the world the highest royalty was gained by Doctor Roland Dant in Chicago for giving just 2 day lecture course. To be exact, the royalty value he got was estimated at 3 080 000$ USD dollars.

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