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How should a successful CV be?

CV - very important for being recruited and getting a job. CV represents your professional profile. Therefore, it is essential to compile it with maximum accuracy.

By producing an accurate CV you may rest assured that you will be definitely hired. If your CV is not made profoundly, an employer will not look out for you.

A recruiter screens hundreds of CVs. Your CV takes only 2-3 minutes to be considered; you should write in a way that would reflect all the necessary and exact details about your professional qualifications within short time.       

How to prepare a CV?

First of all, it requires paying attention to the format of CV. Make sure that you prepare CV in A4 paper print format (a handwritten CV is not accepted). The text should be on one page. The font size should be normal and readable.  

CV style shall be as follows:

  • brief
  • specific
  • complete (no need to write longer)
  • true

What should be written in CV?

1. Personal details: name, surname, patronymic name; date of birth, marital status, address, phone number, fax, email address.

2. Purpose: vacancy, which position you are applying to

3. Education: you indicate the names of high schools you got educated in an order from the latest to the earliest ones as well as your specialty. You may miss out secondary school education (if it wasn’t a special training center). The name of the educational institution, faculty, and specialty indicated in your diploma shall be written.

4. Additional trainings: In this category you can write down the names of courses, experience exchange programs, seminars and trainings that you have attended. Select seminars that are suitable for applied vacant position. There is no need to enumerate all of them.

5. Work experience: Here you mention the names of your work places. You start with indicating the latest workplace, and then you move ahead in sequence from the latest to the earliest one.   Then you indicate the employment and leave dates (month\ year).  You also indicate your current position at work.

6. Additional information: Here you can list the best qualities you have. In order to form a positive opinion about yourself and impress an employer, you can note additional information. Language knowledge (indicate the level of foreign language knowledge), computer skills (indicate computer programs literacy), indicate the existence of a driving license, a personal car, a foreign passport. You might be sent on business trips on some non-working days. You may write about your personal traits: energetic, demanding towards yourself and others, good organizer and etc. Remember that you should demonstrate listed qualities during the work process.

7. CV background.

What shouldn’t be imbedded:

  • all work experience
  • physical details
  • photo
  • the reasons for quitting previous jobs
  • salary requirement


The main goal of CV is that, you need to point out what you think of yourself and what makes you different from others.

The main principle of CV – to emphasize all distinguishing features and conceal weak areas.


As you have understood from the article, CV must be prepared based on a certain rule.

In reality, this is not so important.

For example, recently in a web-site you have come across with interesting information in “Vacancy” section:

"Mind the following: if you send CV prepared in a standard, plain, American bureaucratic way, it will be removed momentarily.  The information about any motivation, commitment to work or team is of no interest.  We long for a CV that is specifically projected for us (not for sending to hundred places) without any template, recommendations.  Less than that doesn’t satisfy us.

The ways of preparing a creative CV

Recently, creativeness is preferred in CV preparation. You should not be limited with just looking a positive and suitable candidate for the job.  You should also impress an employer. Because a creative approach shows that you are capable of doing a lot of things and know more than expected. Nowadays, the management is more interested in persons who can come up with smart ideas for finding solutions to problems rather than compliant and disciplined employees.    

 It would be better if your CV contains information about your future plans as well.

A person who wishes to get hired for design studio may compile his/her CV in a way as if it is going to be his\her future work place.

By engraving his own miniature services on a plastic mold, a western photographer sent them to that company instead of CV.

It is possible simply to use graphs and info-graphs in CV.

Do not forget to praise yourself work wise. Each employee wishes to have a new hire that would be able to solve problems, so definitely stress out this skill of yours.    

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