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Barama- the place for realizing ideas

Realizing of every idea requires a great help and support. 

There exist several Incubation Centers serving for the realization of ideas of the Youth with high potential in our country. Barama Innovation and Business Center is also an area that provides a great support and help for entrepreneurship and incorporation of ideas in Azerbaijan. 

Barama is one of the most successful projects of Azercell Telecom company which has started its activity since 2009 and keeps creating new opportunities for Youth with innovative ideas to start their business. 

Our center is well equipped with necessary facilities that enable to realize the ideas of future entrepreneurs in a most effective way. The biggest advantage of the office is that young entrepreneurs have a chance to work here 24 hours a day without any break and benefit its facilities.      

With Barama’s great support it became possible to realize a number of successful projects.

To be exact, over 30 projects have been initiated in the center, out of which 20 projects have been completed successfully and currently 4 progressive companies still continue their business activity.    

One of the projects has been incorporated in the Silicon Valley, located in the United States of America.

At present various projects devoted to numerous spheres are being carried out in Barama office.

One of them is the Sumax project that is engaged in providing unique local “Smart Home” services in Azerbaijan. One of the other successful projects of Barama Media Group is the ones like Audiobook and Barama TV.

Other ideas and projects worked out in the sphere of tourism, education and high technologies are being processed in Barama Innovation Center.

If building a business is an old dream of yours, then go ahead with Barama Innovation Center that is ready to support you.

If you wish to cooperate with, leave information about your project by visiting web-page.

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