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E-mail writing tips

There are different tips for correct e-mail writing.

Here are some of them:

  • Be specific and laconic, hit the point.
  • Do not write an email longer than needed.
  • Remember that reading an email is more difficult than reading from paper.

Respond to all queries and guess the ones to be asked later.

All the queries should be covered in an email.

Otherwise, you will have to get a reply with the same unanswered queries again.

Spell the words correctly; mind the accurate use of grammar and punctuation.  

Writing mistakes make an impression of your illiteracy on the other party.

Do not delay your reply.

Each email should be responded within 24 hours.

Do not attach unnecessary files.

Sending a big file can annoy a recipient. That’s why, try to keep your files brief.

Moreover, you should have a good anti-virus program that would protect recipient’s computer from getting any bugs. 

Do not write in CAPSLOCK.


Do not break a chain between parts of your email.

Always write a reply (RE). If you get a lot of emails, you will not be able to remember the contents of all of them. That’s why, always write a Reply for sure. Do not compose a new e-mail. Later, it will cause a certain difficulty in searching for the whole information. 

If you send an email to more people:

Do not write the addresses of all recipients in “To” section. There are 2 reasons for that: firstly, a recipient of a mail is well aware that you have sent it to other people as well. Secondly, this way you would have spread out a personal e-mail address of each man without his own permission. Therefore, you should put down the addresses not in To: but in BCC: line.

This way, the recipient sees that the mail has been addressed only and personally to him\her.      

Mind abbreviations and emoticons:

While composing a business mail, try not to use abbreviations like BTW (by the way) or LOL (laugh out loud), because the recipient of the letter might not know their meaning.

Do not forget to choose “Subject”!   

Choose a “Subject” that will be as clear to a recipient as it is to you. 


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