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Master Education in USA

Every year thousands of students come to USA to study master’s degree at more than 16.000 universities.

Because of large amount of universities, first step to study masters’ degree, you need to find university which matches your expectations. To find right university, you should consider following information:


The tuition fee of universities is quite high in USA. If your budget for education in USA has to been approved. Do not forget that if you undergraduate grade is high and your command of English is good, there is a high possibility that you will find a scholarship to fund your education.

English Language Certificate

Almost all universities require all international students to have a good command of English at an academic level and you may need to provide TOEFL/IELTS test scores. Have you ever taken TOEFL? If not, first you need to take English language preparation course. To prepare for TOEFL, you do not need to visit USA. There are a lot of good TOEFL PREPARATION courses in Baku.

Choosing University 

Most difficult part!  There are more than 16.000 universities in USA that makes students to choose right university which matches their expectations better. In this phase, the experience of alumni’s can be useful. Therefore do not hesitate to ask feedback of the people who already studied or studying in USA. You can find a lot of forums to ask students about any university.

Of course, there are also study abroad consulting offices where you professional advice. You should take into your account that such consultation is paid.

Applying to university

After the steps mentioned above, the most important part is coming: application procedure. The application of USA universities requires a long and patient process. Nowadays the online application option allows us to apply via internet. The main point you have to take into your account is deadlines. Sometimes you need to start preparation process a year before. You have to ask for Application Package to apply. Sometimes it takes more than one month to arrive you that application package.

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