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Jabir Imanov: Money does not solve everything ...

Here is the interview with a famous Azerbaijani actor, a member of Theatre KVN "Planet of Guys from Baku", the honored artist of Azerbaijan Jabir Imanov.

- You have a lot of characters that the audience enthusiastically welcomed, but why Aganatig is the most famous one?

- Firstly, due to the fact that this character has long been invented, tested and loved. This is evidenced by the number of views, and then, with what delight the audience react to the scenes with his participation. But he was not bothered to public, we have shown it is not at all the concerts. Friends, acquaintances, passers-by on the street asked why he is not on stage? A code in Azerbaijan started this Cinemania, we decided that the character is already prepared for it to take off on a separate film. Just had to write an interesting scenario.

- Where is this character, if there is some kind of prehistory?

- Yes, yes (laughs). This image was formed long ago, in the days when I did not have a driver's license. I wanted to hide that left home without documents and without permission. To look older, I wore glasses, cap and sat behind the wheel. I spoke, too, according to his way (laughs). Sitting next to the brother and cousin said that I look like an old man.

- Who wrote the script?

- Classical composition: Tahir Imanov, Alakbar Aliyev, and Hasanov Mutallim Mammadali Kazimov. At the time they wrote the screenplay for "Mahalli" movies, "The Dead XXI Century" and our telecasts.

- Does the film adventure Aganatiga on stage?

- Audiences are accustomed to, that all the adventures Aganatiga occur in the interior of the vehicle, and in the film the extent of its possibilities and adventures widened. I will not reveal the whole story, but I will say that Aganatigu accounts with your colleagues to save man from the hands of a criminal gang.

- Who do we see in the lead roles?

- Tahir Imanov, Bahram Bagirzade, Azer Mammadzade Emil Abbasov, Alakbar Aliyev, Ziba Shudzhai. Spouse Aganatiga played Honored Artist Tunzala Agayev.

- The soundtrack for the film "Aganatig" in a short time became a popular ...

Aganatig - a special character, so we turned to a particular composer. Our choice fell on the songwriter, "Plane Baku-Moscow", "Agabala Tchaikovsky" and "Soviet" Elchin Imanov. She sings the song Eyub Yagubov.

- This is your first work as a director?

- Yes. Therefore, I ask the audience and critics consider it (laughs). In fact, in the film a lot of innovations.

- For example…

- Honored Artist Tunzala Agayev and composer Elchin Imanov tried himself as a film actor. As I said before, about the music we turned to Elchin Imanov. Of course, he had to read the script. While reading the script, he said, he sees himself as one of the characters. Honestly, despite the lack of acting experience, he skillfully managed his role. Tyunzalya Agayev, though not played a major role, but first appeared in front of the audience as an actress. For this I want to express special thanks to her.

- At the beginning of our conversation you mentioned the moviegoers. New movies come out one after the other, you are afraid not to miscalculate?

- We have repeatedly discussed this with colleagues. Imagine we have appointed premiere February 1, even 4 months ago. Until 1 February held another 3 premiere. Each film - it's a great working group from the script author, director, operator, illuminator, actors, make-up artists, costume designers, for details and technical personnel. This is the other side of the coin, where 50-60 people involved. And when you consider that in the country at the same time removed a few movies, imagine the number of people working in this industry and engaged in favorite business. Though errors happen, it means that the work is going. We will see the results of this process.

- In September, it was the premiere of the film "Dead XXI Century" and has a new film in February. Not such a big gap, it was not difficult from the ship to the ball?

- If you stay for a long time, it can be anything and do not have time, because life goes fast. In general, the creation of any film consists of two stages - shooting and the aftermath of the shooting. Sometimes a second stage goes harder and lasts longer. But the ball is yet to come (laughs). After the premiere, rehearsals April concerts.

- You say that a large number of new films pleases you. Purpose of art - to teach something by creativity ...

- All of our movies, and even all our works are difficult message. Aganatig - came from the people of character image. It has its own values, a unique view of the world. Through the words of the character we wanted to convey that the most valuable thing in this world - people and human relationships.

- Your attitude to the criticism?

- Criticism should be! But a thorough and objective, but not so that "since when he became an actor," or "it for Regis.

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Mahir Medetov / Apr 19, 2017 1:23:20 PM

Maraqlı müsahibədir. Cabir İmanov sevimli aktyorlarımdan biridir


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