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Javid Mammadov: "The goal is to establish the tradition of creating local production."

Another talented young shares his experience with GencOl audience. Interviewee is CEO of the Sumax Company Javid Mammadov.  

When did you start to think about production idea of new technological equipment?

-When I started to think about this idea there was no Sumax Company, and at that time I realized that almost all useful technological equipment were imported to our country from abroad. I was so disappointed on that situation. Then I asked myself that don’t we have such smart people who can prepare these tools? After some period I found the answer to my question, and I met very smart, talented people. Those people are the best in their field. So, what was missing, just to gather those people under the one idea, and that is the reason how Sumax was created.

What is the main goel of Sumax company?

-Sumax created on June 22, in 2014 at Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Azercell.  The goel is to establish a single tradition. This is the tradition of creating local production of technological devices. We believe that this tradition will be formed and developed and Sumax will present its own produced devices to the world. Today this might seem like a dream for many people. But make sure that Sumax moving steadily towards this goal.

What is the main features of "Automax" device, designed by Sumax? When will it be announced for massive usage? 

-Sumax Company has been able to produce 5 devices till now. One of them is Automax device which is currently production has been finalized and submitted for testing car safety and planned for the control of users.

How was the idea of creating this device born?

-Most of our friends who have their own cars they face towing service issue, and they are thinking about how to solve this problem. And this idea appeared after this discussion. We decided to create such device that could immediately notify the driver when towing service is removing his/her car from the place. Using this device driver can pay the fee right on the place, and not to allow towing service to take a car. We mainly focused on the functions of the device in the first step, and this is how Automax device created.

Tell us about your team

-Currently our team is consisted of 11 people. Programmer team-Jahangir Shabiyev, Tural Muzaffarli, Bakhtiyar Farayev, Gunay Abdullayeva. Electronics team- Elgun Hesenli, Senan Guluzade. Marketing team - Tural Abbasov, Orkhan Guluzade, Heyder Eliyev. PR - Leman Seferli.

What are your future plans?

- At present time, we are trying to find solution how to develop this device to implement in such as the areas of agriculture, or just for parents’ control. Taking into acount the export potential of the device, we are investigating neighbor countries market carefully. I believe that by the end of the year, Sumax will start to export its products as well. In addition, Sumax is interested in establishing a laboratory for electronics, we believe it would be useful to our country. Currently, we are taking the specific steps on that goal. Our goal is by setting up such lab to gather lots of talented people to this center and to develop local manufacturing tradition by creating new devices. 

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Zeynal Selver / Feb 23, 2016 3:32:01 PM



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