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Study abroad: 5 best places to learn English

Study abroad: 5 best places to learn English


America, for a variety of interesting and beneficial training programs for the study and practice of the English language is chosen by millions of people around the world. The system on which international students in the United States, involves not only the introduction to the basics of the language, but also with conventional themes, which are designed to develop the quality of human activities, unconventional thinking and existence itself. English Courses in the United States have in many cities: New York, Washington, Seattle, Hawaii ... the list goes on and on. The main thing is what you need to guide the choice of courses - a program that offers one or another institution.

The most popular are the school English Language Center (in Los Angeles, Boston and Santa Barbara), Kaplan Aspect (New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, etc.), and Embassy, branches which are not only in the US but also in Canada, Australia, and UK. Do not forget about the choice of the place of residence: Some colleges and universities offer a room on campus - the campus, it is possible to live in a good-natured family that receives visitors and provides accommodation for a minimal fee.

Going to America, students spend time fun and useful. After graduation, you can easily go to university and build a rewarding career. Acquainted with the culture of the country, visiting the amazing sights, finding new friends and improve your English, you can feel truly happy man!

United Kingdom

It is believed that the highest quality English language learning - in the UK. No matter where you plan to learn a language - at a college or university, you can be sure you will be qualified teachers, you will be given the best training materials, and advanced features for effective learning.

Learn English in England and programs - diversified: from the basic course, ending with specialized art, business, sports, etc. Accommodation of foreign students is possible both on campus and in host families or in rented rooms / apartments. Cost varies by location. And education is not cheap, but its results fully justify the costs. Diplomas obtained in educational institutions of the UK, are valued around the world, and allow the owner to continue their education in the best universities of the country, in the future - to get a prestigious job.

Pay attention to these schools: EF (London, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, and others.), Regent Individual (London, Oxford, Cambridge, and Edinburgh), and University of the Arts London (London).

Discover the exciting world! Learn English abroad will thoroughly examine the classic English and gain vivid impressions for a lifetime!


The language schools in Canada also possible to combine the basic courses in English with relevant. A wide range of programs offer language center ACCESS (Toronto), ILAC (Toronto, Vancouver), King George International College (Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Halifax, Surrey), Sprachcaffe (Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, and others.). Interestingly, the training program for visitors, in addition to lectures and workshops include also excursions, student meetings and parties for love, finding new friends and exercise their conversational skills.


As an option you study English in Singapore? "It is strange," - you might think. Far from it! The island-city-country offers high-quality, and even more affordable for foreigners courses.

Singapore - is the center of English-speaking Asia. English - is one of the official languages, and it is spoken by almost all. Choose to learn and practice a foreign language can and schools, and colleges and universities. Program offers a variety of: children, adults, seniors. Anyone who decides to go to the country of new knowledge, be sure to acquire them. Daily conversation practice, listening and unusual academic programs to help you get a quick result.

Schools in Singapore: GEOS Singapore, Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA), Inlingua Singapore. These institutions have become popular around the world and released thousands of happy students. Effective modern education has helped many to reveal themselves, to find a successful career, achieve business peaks.

As in other countries, may stay here in the apartment, a host family or campus.

Visit the colorful Asian country with a rich culture, learn English and become one step closer to his dream - what could be more fun ?!

South Africa

Yes, yes, look at Africa as one of the best places to study English abroad. State Motto - "Different people come together." In Cape Town, the roads converge students from around the world who are seeking to learn a foreign language and at the same time to see the wonderful world in all its glory. Wildlife safaris, sea and beaches ... swelling will take place in a relaxed atmosphere, the knowledge absorbed easier and spoken language to get better!

Language schools offer available to all interested and interesting program, accommodation in a cozy and comfortable residences. Institutions located in Cape Town: LAL Cape Town - the biggest English language school in South Africa, a member of the English Language and Travel Association of South Africa (ELTASA). The SASE schools (South African School of English), International House and EuroCenter experienced teachers, they represent modern programs and diplomas issued high. In South Africa, safe, interesting and informative. The experience that you can get here will be invaluable!

Program to study English abroad

As noted earlier, the represented countries offer different types of training programs. The main ones can be grouped into the following items:

General programs. Activities involve the study of the main aspects of the language, getting the key language skills and, of course, practice with native speakers.

Intensive program. Classes take place at a rapid pace: more and more employment, more training materials for the study as soon as possible. The emphasis is on listening, understanding, improving vocabulary and conversational skills.

Training programs for international exams. Do you want to go to university abroad? Want professionally proficient in English? Courses with special forms of training, lectures, seminars and practice help to pass exams such as the TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and other get the world's diploma.

Business programs. Perfect not only to improve your vocabulary and conversational business practices, but also allow to master the aspects of doing business. Programs offer special seminars and trainings.

Summer program. They are designed for the type of training measured, but no less effective. For example, in Hawaii, you can enjoy your vacation in a fabulous location, but do not forget about the purpose of arrival and practice speaking with native speakers. In South Africa, you can not only learn English, but also surf, wander through the rainforest. In a relaxed atmosphere and learn more easily!

Private lessons. If necessary, everyone can choose for themselves a private tutor, who will study English in person and provide materials specifically required for a student.

Learning a language in a foreign and distant land - it means learning to be self-reliant, independent, more sociable and open to the world.

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