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"Remove and throw away the black stuff"

The artist - this is not a visionary and intelligent scholar of the spiritual world. And how to know the spiritual world of the artist? For many connoisseurs of art it has always been interested in who and how to draw the picture.

In the hope of at least a little bit to find out the inner core of the master, which will open a new perspective on his work, Oxu.Azpobyval visiting the beautiful artist Milena Nabiyeva.

Milena, tell us what the artist lives and how to plan the painting come from?

The artist lives in his own world, a world of colors and beauty of the world. In this world, constantly seething life here boils the blood, there is a sense of worry.
But the artist - this is also a man with a family, caring, like all ...
As for design, it comes suddenly. You go in the car, or watching TV, when suddenly you notice something that does not notice a lot: it can be a pattern or something bright, and all indicator lights up in me, I am ready to go ...

Which work best represents the inner world of Milena Nabiyeva?

If we take a point of view of a literary work, I inherent in the world of Nizami Ganjavi. Poem "Leili and Majnun", "Seven Beauties" has always inspired me and motivated to create a picture.

And if inspired by works of art, it is constantly considering the rock carvings of Gobustan. They ignite the inner world ...

What color is predominant in her world?

The bright, positive colors that do not give a sad and bored, which excite the soul so that I want to live, strive forward to help and do good! In short, the love of flowers of life! This green - the color of meadows and fields, red - the color of life, love, blue - the color of the sky, which is not tiring to watch, that's so nice stirs the soul and heart! And if you look in general, that is the color of Azerbaijan, they are full of life!

And the color of happiness?

Happiness is multifaceted, as the colors of the rainbow - seamlessly into one another, are pleasing to the eye and uplifting. Remove and discard the black stuff out, wear bright colors and happiness will come into your life ... By the way, this has been proved (laughs).

They say that every person is talented, just need to find what ...

Of course! Talent - this data from birth certain abilities. Yes, the roots talents lie in childhood. Parents also play a big role in the formation of personality. If my mother as a child does not take me to draw circles, perhaps I would not have discovered her this talent.

Are there any such work, where the idea and the result is fundamentally different from each other?

You know what's interesting, I never changed plans on the fly, despite the fact that I am on a horoscope cancer, and their mood is unpredictable. Initially, knowing that I will write on the canvas, I was to result with confidence. I love all of their work, they are very dear to me, as well as each artist. After all, we put a piece of themselves in each of our product. We fantasize, dance and sing at the same time.

Whose opinion about the work can be important Milena?

This is my teacher, my guru, Subhan Mammadov. He was cursing me, says enough talk about me, say nothing of myself. But he knows better than anyone that I was naughty (laughs - ed.). He is perhaps the only person whose advice I give ear.

In our modern world, where IT technology occupy all spheres of life, as it is possible to instill in your child a love of art?

Child with art should be taught from childhood. Obligatory visits to exhibitions, museums, theaters. We need to show not only classic but also modern art. A child with time will decide that it is closer.

As Milena Nabiyev refers to comparisons with other artists?

Forgive my immodesty, but I can not be compared with any artist. With all due respect to them, my work more extraordinary. I use in my works and rhinestones, and contour pencils, and oil.

When, art lovers will be able to once again enjoy the works of Milena Nabiyeva?

May God soon ... I plan to hold a solo exhibition in his native and beloved city of Baku. And I believe that all my dreams will come true sooner or later. Believe in the good, give good, and it will come back to you!

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