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Awareness of Strength: four ways to find your inner peace

Why does modern man requires a conscious meditation?!

Today, people like never before, exposed to overloads and stresses. Nervous tension familiar to almost everyone today, but not everyone knows that there is a very simple way to take their thoughts under control, to achieve inner harmony, to become calmer and happier. This method - deliberate meditation - details tell a professor of clinical psychology, Mark Williams and Dr. Danny Penman biochemistry in the book "Mindfulness" (publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"). We share some parts from that book.

In Search of Lost Time

Everyday life of modern man is too overwhelmed. We are always somewhere in a hurry, to have time to convert piles of cases during the day, but in the end did not even notice how time passes. The older we get, the faster the fly for weeks and months. 

As we age, we accumulate habits, internalize some of the patterns of behavior and do not change them for years: we have breakfast, go to work, sit down at the same place, back home watching TV. It is difficult to just look around and feel at the moment.

If you want to slow down the time fleeting time, learn how to live "here and now" and enjoy every moment.

For begining try the simple exercise.

Buy a chocolate bar and break off a small piece of it. Put it on the palm and carefully consider, look at the color, curves, texture. Breathe in the aroma. Now send this piece in his mouth. Do not eat right away, let it for a long time melts on the tongue. Try to feel it, and then slowly eat chocolate.

This same awareness can manifest in any action when you brush your teeth, go to the office, heading to the store. Every evening you watch TV. Try instead to read. You constantly choose the same chair at the office? Sit next to another place. Always walk on the familiar streets? Change your route, visit unfamiliar areas of the city.

Modern people are used to compare themselves with others, and constantly evaluate them to join the competition, which is sure to have the best and the worst. However, this is a bad habit. The tendency so to judge others and oneself can lead to endless self-flagellation, the fear of being rejected or feeling that there are a lot enemies around.

You must learn to look at others more kindly. To feel your connection with them, spend a "friendly" meditation. Sit on a chair in a comfortable and warm place. Straighten shoulders. Feel the tenderness and love of self. Mentally say wishes: "May I be happy", "Let me leave the problems", "Let my life be filled with joy." Then imagine the one you love and wish him/her the same thing. Then think about the stranger. And finally, focus on someone with whom you've had conflict. Try to feel the love and compassion for him/her, and wish that person good, happiness, deliverance from troubles.

Analysis and suppression

Psychologists have noticed that in recent years, depression occurs more often in people. What is the reason? We live in a stressful environment, and any of us visited disturbing thoughts about the future or unpleasant memories. This can be caused by guilt, a fatal mistake in the past, unresolved conflict, fear not meet the expectations of other people, different social fears.

We want to get rid of the obsessive thoughts, so try to understand the causes of the condition. However, the endless analysis necessarily will lead to a dead end. The more we think about something sad, the worse it becomes. The fact that always thought to affect emotions and negative emotions, in turn, provoke more negative thoughts. This vicious circle must be selected.

So dig in yourself is not recommended. What to do? Maybe we should just suppress negative thoughts? Not at all. Scientists claim that this will lead you to even more stress.

As a general rule, avoid unpleasant memories, we ultimately generalize our experience. That is constantly feel a sense of guilt or anguish, but do not realize what exactly it involves. This is what prevents us to really let go of the past. When we make a final assessment of the event and "forget" about it then deprive ourselves of the chance to look at the incident from a different angle. Instead, we just drowning in the painful emotions.

If suppression and analysis are equally harmful, then how to overcome anxiety and obsessive memories? Perfect for this purpose meditation "sounds and thoughts."

Find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. Sit on a chair and straighten your back. The shoulders should be relaxed. Concentrate on your breath and exhale, then - on the sensations throughout the body. Try to experience peace. Then move your attention to the sounds around you. Listen to the noises, voices, music, traffic noise and the like. Do not think about the sounds and try to identify their sources. Just listen to how to replace one other sounds come.

After a few minutes, focus on thoughts. Treat them the same way as the sounds that emerge and dissolve without your participation. Allow them to flow easily and replace each other, watch the process as from the outside. Imagine coming into a movie theater, and the screen flashed your memories, ideas, imaginary problems, and so on. You are not in any case should not be an actor, so stay in the auditorium before the end of the "session".

If you learn to see the similarities between the ideas and background sounds, you'll never find yourself a slave of his own brain. You understand: I do not necessarily listen to everything that goes through your head, or try to suppress memories. You can easily watch the thoughts as for the interesting phenomenon that does not affect your feelings.

In the book "Mindfulness" is described eight-week meditation course, which confirm the efficacy of clinical trials, and the UK National Institute of Health recommends it as a remedy for depression and the way to achieve peace and happiness.

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