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How to get motivated and stay motivated

How many times does it happen that we wish to achieve something, start to take steps in that direction, only to give up after sometime? Don’t we wish we could stay motivated enough to reach the end and achieve our goal? Moreover, how does one get motivated and stay motivated with things that one really doesn’t like? Here’s my list:

1. Find out a real “reason” which motivates you to keep moving towards your goal.

If the reason doesn’t inspire you, it doesn’t get you excited to start working on your goal, then; probably it’s not the right reason. You will have to dig deeper to find a reason that motivates you. You will probably have to do this exercise for quite some time to get the right one.

2. Find out the real “cost” of failing this goal. A cost which would motivate you to run away from failure and push you to towards your goal.

Pain is a great motivator. There has been so many times where a powerful tomorrow doesn’t inspire enough to move ahead. But just a reminder of how painful things could get is enough to start running towards the goal.

3. Keep reminders for both of them – The reason and the cost.

Have a photo of what you want somewhere, write it down in a book, put it on a post it and stick it in your cabinet, create a screen saver…. you can be quite creative here.

4. Share with your family and friends what you plan to do; especially with those who will hold you into account.

Sharing your goal, your reason and your cost, your entire analysis helps a lot. By doing so, you would be creating powerful reminders and support for yourself. If and when you go down and feel like giving up or cheating a bit, they will act as your biggest strength and remind you of the reason why you started with this in the first place. They will not let you fall back.

5. Break up your goal in small do-able tasks.

A huge goal, a tough goal or a goal which requires lot of time can appear quite over whelming and de-motivating. Breaking it up in small do-able tasks makes it look manageable. Moreover, since this requires thinking things over, it might just help in creating a detailed plan.

6. Set landmarks. Acknowledge yourself and celebrate whenever you cross a landmark.

Create landmarks for yourself; Landmarks which represent you finishing part of your goal, or reaching somewhere in your entire series of small tasks. Don’t keep celebration out till you complete your entire goal. Celebration of crossing landmarks acts like boosters to keep moving towards the goal.

7. Chart your progress numerically.

There is something very powerful about numbers. They cannot lie. If it is possible, chart out your progress numerically. The better your numbers are the better you will feel.

8. Don’t forget to have fun.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun. Keep things interesting. Introduce variety in all ways possible. These keep tasks from getting mundane or boring. They help in keeping the zest to reach goals alive.

9. Find a community related to your goals.

It’s great to know you are not alone. Find out people, find out communities with goals similar to yours. Connect with them. Form new friends. Exchange ideas. Progress together. Have a healthy competition with each other. Share your learning on the way and grow and achieve your goals.

10. Find a guru.

Find a guru – a mentor for yourself. Find people who have been there and done that. Find people who have the knowledge and expertise required to reach your goals. They can provide you with tips, they can share their trials and they are living examples that someone has already done this. And so can you.

11. Don’t beat yourself up.

If you get sidelined or distracted, if you catch yourself starting to give up, if you slip-up, don’t beat yourself. It happens. Just pull yourself together and start working on your goal again.

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