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3 facts that everyone who can not live without coffee should know

Beethoven every day brewed coffee from 60 grains, and Voltaire drank 50 cups a day and lived to 83 years. It turns out that coffee dependence is not so terrible, as its opponents of a drink paint?

We found 3 reasons to drink a cup of coffee immediately and - as a bonus - a recipe for a summer coffee cocktail.

Increase of brain activity

It's no secret that coffee enhances mindfulness, improves the ability to concentrate, speeds up a person's reaction, but not alone. Only coffee with sugar can make you a little genius for a while, because it is the combination of caffeine and glucose that activates the desired areas of the brain. But in any case, do not drink coffee on an empty stomach: in this case, the drink acts on the contrary.


Pressure increase

A cup of coffee can overcome an attack of hypotension - low blood pressure. But those hypotonic patients who have a fast pulse from coffee and have tachycardia do not need to drink it. To hypertensive people, the habit of drinking coffee does not harm, because the body eventually adapts to the drink and ceases to react to it by increasing pressure.

Strengthening immunity

The use of coffee, as scientists from several countries have learned, reduces the risk of premature death: the less is the risk, the more a cup of coffee a person drinks. The optimum number of cups is three. This is due to the fact that coffee changes the work of the immune system, making it more active and healthy, and also strengthens the liver, heart and gastrointestinal tract. Just try to drink freshly ground coffee. In soluble less useful substances, and chemical additives adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract.

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