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8 secrets of successful personal branding

How to learn how to position themselves in the business and what are the advantages of women managers over men?

Take a coin, one side of it - that's who you really are, the other side of the coin - what kind of person you want to become during your positioning. How to make sure that both images eventually coincide? (

1. Person is always more interesting than a company

Catching up on personal branding, remember that you are talking about yourself and strengthen your reputation, not the company's image. You do not sell and do not try to make (at least in the short term), you manage your brand.

Steve Jobs, Mary Kay, and Oprah Winfrey has always been associated with the company and embody its values ​​in their personal lives. After reaching a certain level of fame, each of them became self-sufficient brand. Even with the departure of the company such a person does not lose anything. Its price and popularity is already so high that bring huge dividends to the owner.

2. Most importantly - competent communication

One of the most important secrets of successful self brending - the ability to build a competent communication. The method of communication is selected depending on the style of management closer to you - tough leadership, like "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, or intuitive as that of Eva Peron, the favorite of the Argentine people (see photo).

It is important to understand that the communication should not only be competent and well thought-out. It is important to carry through the appropriate channels, for example, in the media, that meet your competence and interest to your target group.

3. All your actions should work on brand

Unfortunately, the more well-known public and we become, the more we have to think about how our actions can be interpreted. It is important to take care in advance of the event to which you are visiting, strengthen your brand. For example, if you are a financial advisor, you will suit not only the club finance directors, but also an indoor golf tournament for owners of large businesses in Moscow.

4. Get your social capital

Sometimes it works well co-branding model. For example, you are acting in tandem with a famous person. In the early stages of working with a personal image of such shares will work for you. For example, make a joint presentation or speech or workshop. Do not think of such a possibility guru refuse. Many of them are very interested in new formats. Remember how many of the young singer became really famous, will perform with Madonna? What got this pop diva? Madonna so reminded him of himself, stated her undying energy and showed himself both mentor and trendsetter in pop music.

5. Offer values ​​and ideals, not a product

What to sell Mary Kay (pictured)? The beauty and success in men, but not powder and lipstick! What sold Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Riddestarle? New features and a different view of the world! But not books and lectures on business. Take example from them, sell success and dream. If you sell training in financial literacy, then you stand in a row with a lot of sellers of the like product. But if you start selling profits and reduce errors in business, chances to gather a group will grow.

6. Keeps its promises

Take the example of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. During the election campaign in 1979 it promised to reduce inflation and limit the power of unions to create a new industry and trade, bring back prosperity and radically transform the social welfare system in Britain. She fulfilled all these promises.

7. Stay itself

That suggested Chanel, first surprise of many. She introduced the fashion of trousers for women, and then gradually changed not only the style of dress, but also the attitude towards women. On the one hand, of course we watched our focus on the consumer and his values ​​and preferences. But you should always remember that Henry Ford said: "If I were asked what my users want, they would say - a faster horse." Personal brand - is largely going beyond the boundaries of the possible and the search for innovative solutions to existing needs.

8. Continue to develop and improve

I would like to cite the example of an American Lizzie Velasquez. It is considered the ugliest woman on the planet, she was terminally ill and had to eat every 15 minutes to keep power. However, it is not only graduated from university, and wrote a book, and is a popular motivational speaker, and inspiring people to rise. It is definitely not aiming to be someone else, only myself, it does not hide its flaws, and talks about his virtues. And of course, all the while developing.

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