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Time Management: three effective methods of dealing with big issues

In the twenty-first century, in the age of technological innovation and the huge flow of news, simple user has to handle with a huge amount of information as required, and some of them are unnecessary. Naturally, it is important to set a time and distribute it efficiently and practically for all priority cases. However, not all cope with this task. I will give as an example 3 effective techniques that will allow you to dispose of your time with more practical way.

1. "Eat the frog - leave squeamishness"

In the West, this phrase known by acknowledged master, one of the best consultants in the development of personality and management of the world, Brian Tracy. According to him, "If every morning you have to eat a live frog, the whole day you will consider that probably nothing worse to you today is not going to happen."

Frog – here means huge and unpleasant things. In the morning, to get started, you need to start with them. If you must eat two frogs, eat the first very nasty one. According to this method, you need to develop a consistent habit to solve the most important and urgent tasks in the morning, without wasting time on other work.

Read and download the book by Brian Tracy at this link

2. "Eating the elephant"

Imagine that your job - it's a big "elephant", a large and voluminous. And you want to eat it. Obviously, what to eat in one sitting will not succeed. Therefore, cut it into parts, each of which you can eat at a time.

You can invite guests for a meal, give everyone a piece. So it is possible and to deal with things. Part of the problem in a number of subtasks that can solve alone. The dimension of the problem and its solution will decrease simplified. In addition, part of the subtasks, you can redirect the co-authors.

3. "Swiss cheese"

One of the finest ways to start a business - to try to turn it into a "Swiss cheese." To do this, you must do a "hole" in the case. The holes will be called the problem of rapid response. They may require only 3-5 minutes, but by following them, you will go through the holes and holes in the case.

Thus, if you have only 10 minutes of time, you can perform 2-3 tasks immediately. In the formation of a rapid reaction task lists appropriate to include the work that you can quickly and easily start to run. Obviously, they should either be part of the case, or somehow linked with it.

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