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5 films inspiring creativity

Lifehacker made up a selection of films that are very motivating for creativity. After viewing them, there may be the appearance of inspiration and the desire to turn mountains, following your dream.

Achilles and the turtle

Drama, comedy.

Japan, 2008.

Duration: 119 minutes.

Matisu is a painter who was never successful, but always hoped that someday his glory would overtake him. He constantly worked on himself, overcoming life's troubles and remained steadfast despite family difficulties, but after meeting with the art dealer who valued the paintings, much has changed.


Drama, family, biography.

USA, Great Britain, 2004.

Duration: 97 minutes.

This biographical drama tells about the difficult fate of James Matthew Barry, who is known throughout the world as the author of a series of fabulous works about Peter Pan. Success came to the writer not at once: a series of failures led to him and one very significant meeting that affected his entire life and career.


Drama, crime, biography.


Duration: 124 minutes.

Successful and very popular scriptwriter Dalton Trumbo did not suspect about the existence of a black list of Hollywood until until he himself fell into it because of his political views. But even this circumstance did not stop him and, moreover, did not prevent him from creating, although he caused many problems.


Drama, melodrama, biography.

USA, Canada, Mexico, 2002.

Duration: 118 minutes

Biographical story about the life of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who was able to recover after the worst accident. She was forced to live for many years overcoming the pain and worrying about the adultery of her husband, but she was not given up art and love to despair.


Drama, comedy.

United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, 2013.

Duration: 95 minutes.

A crazy story about a guy from the provinces called Joe, who very much wanted to become famous and write his own songs. The dream came true: once he was lucky enough to meet a rock band led by a freaky Frank who never took off his mask-head and even became a keyboard player in this group. It is hardly worth mentioning that this event completely changed his life.

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