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10 turning points of the nearest future technologies

World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council conducted a survey of 800 professionals of high technology and compiled a list of the most striking predictions of changes in the industry that will take place until 2030, according to Business Indsider. Hi-Tech will tell about 10 the next stages of technology development.

2018 – 90% of people will get unlimited data storage

In the future, people will no longer delete files to free up disk space. Already, Google makes it possible to store videos and photos in unlimited quantities, but with compression. For $ 60 per year on Amazon servers, you can store any files in no volume.

The main prerequisite for this change – reducing the cost per gigabyte of memory to the hard disk. In return for unlimited cloud storage companies offer to view advertising or pay money for the subscription.

2021 – the first robotic pharmacist

Robots replace people active in the manufacturing industry. Over time, cars replace staff, vendors and other workers of this kind. Thus, experts have suggested that in 2021 a robotic pharmacist will appear.

2022 – Internet connects 1 trillion sensors

The cost of “smart” sensors and sensors decreases with each passing day. Experts believe that soon all the clothes will “go” to the Internet. Small devices that are connected to a single network system, allow a full exploration of the environment – temperature, atmospheric pressure, air pollution and so on.

2022 – will be the first 3D-printer machine

3D-printing technology is developed – there are new devices and print media, it is now not only the plastic. Audi has already shown a concept car produced using additive processes – layer overlay material. In 2022 we will see in the first sale of such a machine.

2023 – 10% of the points will be connected to the Internet

Respondents believe that in 5 years will get new glasses function. They will have access to Internet-based applications to work with the augmented and virtual reality. You will see a special system of eye tracking – hand will not participate in the management interface.

2023 – 90% of people will have a pocket supercomputer

People are using smartphones more often than PCs. Mobile Internet traffic is already bypassed by the computer volume and growth is not slowing down. By 2023 the productivity of mobile devices will reach the level of modern supercomputers. And 90% of the population will be connected to the Internet via smartphones.

2024 – the first liver transplant, made the 3D-printer

3D-printers are used to create parts of the human – bones and organ implants. Doctors have carried out an operation to transplant a part of the thorax, and other bones. By 2024 biotech reach a level where printers will create an artificial liver and other vital organs.

2025 – Telephone-implant will be available

80% of the surveyed experts predicted that over the next 7 years will be the first implantable cell phone. The device will be able to more accurately track human health outcomes. At the same time, users can communicate with each other by voice or the power of thought.

2025 – Rental services of cars are more popular than private transport

67% of experts predicts growth of popularity of services to rent cars in the future. Already in 2025 most of the trips in the world will be held in rented cars and private transportation is more expensive to operate. This will cause the machine manufacturers to rethink their business models.

2026 – the first artificial intelligence will join

AI allows you to automate many of the processes – analysis, data processing, analysis. The program will even be able to make decisions based on the previous experience of the company. This will also reduce the influence of emotion in solving important problems.


The tendency of mass penetration of the Internet in people’s lives. Clothing, household items, appliances, sensors – all connected to the global network. Accelerate the development of 3D-printing technology – 5% of goods sold will be produced by an additive process. Robots will replace not only the staff, but also high-ranking workers and even directors.

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