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2+1 campaign from Coolfish

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Do you know how it is easy?

write "kod" and sent to 7070

Provide the received discount code to the cashier

More information

About campaign:

  • Order 2 sushi roll, get 1 for free
  • To use the campaign send the word "kod" on 7070 and receive a discount code
  • You will be able to use the discount only in case of receiving the GəncOL code and providing to the cashier during the order
  • One code is considered for one (per) person only
  • 1 person can use the GəncOL code in this place only once a day


About Coolfish :


Academics H.Cavid pr. 95F
Working hours: 7/24

For suggestions and complaints: 2002; +994 12 490 49 49; 


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